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About us

Fallsafe Guardrails & Nets is a Exclusive State of the Art Fall Protection Specialist of Southwest Florida and nation wide, we are committed to serving the fall protection and on site safety requirements of our customers.

Fallsafe Guardrails & Nets is the only Safety company in Southwest Florida to fully design, install and remove our safety systems while maintaining the largest variety of temporary safety products, equipments in this area.

Fallsafe Guardrails & Nets protection systems are design to greatly reduce if no eliminate the injuries and fatalities that are related to the inadequacies of conventional safety systems.

Fallsafe's construction team has decades of experience in the drywall industry. 

Servicing their customers from Naples to Tampa.

Long-standing and productive relationships with clients and suppliers are common throughout the company. 

We believe in ongoing education for everyone affiliated with our company not just employees. 

Most Recent Employee training: 

* Stucco Training ASTM FLPB Completed February 6 2014 

* Metal Frame ASTM SSMIA Training March 26 2014 

* Gypsum Fire Training Assemblies April 08 2014 

* Safe Site Scaffold Safety Class

* Safe Site All Terrain Forklift Class